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 "Your Package was delivered successfully"

In an attempt to avoid spending too much time in French department stores as well as take advantage of what is generally lower prices here in Aus, we have packed up 110Kg worth of "personal effects" into 6 boxes and shipped them off to France to meet us there. This isn't at all risk free though. There was a very real chance that customs in France would charge us 20% duty on the value of the goods. This would in effect nullify any savings on doing the shopping here. There was a lot resting on the secret password "Yacht In Transit" that needed to be clearly displayed on each box and even with this there is no guarantees. Thanks to some great advice from a fellow cruiser, we contacted a Pack & Send agent that knew what he was doing. We prepared a 160 line inventory list, taped up the boxes for the final time, paid the breathtaking delivery fees, crossed our fingers and said goodby to our precious cargo. Today I got an email "Your Package was delivered successfully"... Phew...


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