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Rías of Galicia September 8 2021

The west coast of Northern Spain (Galicia) has a number of impressive Rías (Estuaries) which are littered with small fishing villages. We visited a number of these villages on our way down the Atlantic coast. Some of them are a little worse for wear, while others are absolutely beautiful. Our favourite town we visited in these Rías was a little town called Muros. As we sailed in we were welcomed by a wild dolphin who has made this bay his home. He apparently likes to keep the company of humans rather than other Dolphins. You can swim with him and he spends his days lolling around the anchored boats looking for attention. The town of Muros is situated on the side of a steep hill surrounded by natural forest with winding cobblestone streets. The ancient buildings are used for local traders and restaurants, one of which served amazing scallops.

I have included photos of both Muros and other towns in this region. (see tracking map)


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