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Portofino July 3, 2022

Leaving Villafranch was a little sad, but we needed to get moving on to Italy and ultimately Rome to drop our guests off.

Portofino is made famous as a chosen destination for movie stars, celebrities and world leaders alike. It's a stunning little natural harbour, filled with superyachts, surrounded by restaurants and overlooked by immaculately maintained villas. We stayed in a nearby anchorage that was jammed tight with day trippers. We did however manage to secure a small gap for Nova Jean and once we felt confident that the anchor wouldn't drag and NJ was safe to leave alone, we set of to Portofino in our trusty dinghy (Ken). Even on a Sunday and with two cruise ships in town, Portofino did not disappoint. We stopped for an overpriced meal and planned to come back in the evening for an ice cream.


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