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Porto September 23, 2021

Porto, wow! We had high expectations, but boy did it overdeliver. Every corner we turned we saw something that left us gobsmacked!. We were lucky enough to anchor in the river right in the middle of town, however this came with it's complications. The Douro river has very strong currents and with the afternoon sea breeze in the opposite direction it made the boat wrench forward, backwards and from side to side. We were not comfortable leaving the boat during these afternoons but a few days later there was room for us in the marina downstream.

Porto is built on the banks of a gorge created by the Douro river and has a long history of exporting wine and port all over the world which has made it a very wealthy town as seen in the beautiful architecture. It is also a very busy tourist destination.

It is with a heavy heart we leave here to move south but we will be back!


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