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On Our Way

Left Melbourne on the rainy and cold evening of July 17. Very empty Emirates plane to Dubai where we had a 3 hour stop before a much livelier plane to France. Unexpectedly we transitioned quickly through customs with a stamp of our passports without a glance at us. We fully expected to show declarations, negative covid test results, proof of vaccinations, but nothing required at all. Jumped in a fiat 500 and headed on our 5 hour drive to Les sables d'olonne. From there the next week was a blur of shopping (unbelievable what you can fit in a fiat 500) meeting with the people commissioning the boat and attempting to converse with our very limited french. One of our favourite purchases during this time was Bill & Ben, Our electric scooters, who made life so much quicker and easier after returning the fiat.

On July 19 we met nova jean. Due to covid we had not visibly seen a lagoon 450s and we were not disappointed at all. July 20 our handover captain Phillip arrived and totally unprepared we went for the shake down sail....and that truly is another story!!

PS. We grossly underestimated how much shopping was needed and how exhausting this process has been. We have been running on very limited sleep and temperatures have been in the high 30's.


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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2021

Hi there Captain E & Mate Jackie,

Glad you have arrived safely and all is well with you guys!

Love the Blog so keep it coming. Remember I'm living through you guys while in quarantine!

The story of Bill & Ben, it made me smile.

R xx

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