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Morocco to Ibiza June 3, 2022

We spent 5 days sailing from Morocco to Ibiza with overnight stops at Fondeadero

del Morron, Cartagena & Moriara. Most of this time was at sea with the first leg being an

overnight sail as we had great wind. Unfortunately the rest of it was motoring.

At our first overnight stop in Fondeadero del Morron, we had a surprise visit by

Spanish customs who boarded and searched our boat. This was a bit nerve wracking as

we had not yet checked back into Spain. However they just took our boat and

passport details and didn't seem to care or ask about our visas.

Second night we booked into the Marina in Cartagena, with the intention of checking into

Spain. When we arrived the customs office was already closed and we needed to leave at 5am the next morning to continue our journey. The beautiful old city of Cartagena supplied us with the best tapas we've had so far!

Next day we had a 13 hour sail (or motor due to no wind) to Moraira. Not arriving until

dust we stayed on the boat, had dinner and slept in preparation for our final leg to


5am the next morning we motored 8 hours across to Ibiza where we intend to spend the next few weeks exploring the Balearic islands, relaxing and picking up our first guests

for the season.

Fondeadero del Morron




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