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Morocco, May 30, 2022

Marina Smir was our next destination on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

We just needed 1 night out of the EU to reset the boats VAT clock. We had

no idea what to expect. As much as we had tried we had had no return

correspondence from the marina office and very little knowledge of touring Morocco.

Strong winds off the beam of the boat gave us 10 knots of speed to make it a quick

3 hour sail.

Arriving at the marina we were welcomed by by no less than 5 friendly faces all excited

to help us dock. With the formalities of customs over we accepted a tour by an enthusiastic

local to the town of Tetouan. After a terrifying taxi ride, (where giving way to

pedestrians is clearly an option) we arrived in Tetouan. We wandered through the

Sunday markets which seemed to consume the entire old town. Morocco has a long history of accepting people of all backgrounds. This could be seen by the diverse representation in the marketplace. Everywhere we looked there were cats of all shapes and sizes. The guide informed us that Morocco has many cats but very few dogs.

Back at the marina we were blessed to witness a traditional wedding ceremony. Lots of

singing, dancing, trumpets and drums. Went on well into the next morning!

Today we head back to Spain.


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1 Kommentar

01. Juni 2022

Beautiful photos. Have always wanted to visit Morocco. What a fabulous experience you guys are having xx

Gefällt mir
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