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Gibraltar May 25, 2022

We left Cadiz, checking out of Spain. With a convoy of 4 boats hugging the coast,

we headed south. Many of you would be unaware in the past 3 years there's been some very

unusual Orca behaviour on the Atlantic coast of Europe. Orcas have been playing with

rudders of yachts and in some cases damaging the rudders to the point where they are

unusable. This strange behaviour is highly concentrated around the area between Cadiz and

Gibraltar. Our strategy was to sail in waters under 20m in depth. We happily saw no orcas

and made it to Gibraltar in 2 days, with an overnight anchor at the beautiful town of Bolonia.

Gibraltar is is small British town built around an enormous rock overlooking the

entrance to the Mediterranean sea. It has over history been occupied by the Moors, Spanish

and British. It played a significant roll in WW2. 55 km's of tunnels were dug deep into

the rock to conceal troupes, weapons and a functioning hospital.

The boarder between Spain & Gibraltar is intersected by a airport which means traffic and

pedestrians must cross the runway to change countries as you will see in the photos.

Much of our 5 night stay in Gibraltar was spent doing boat works including installing

a watermaker we had shipped form Aus. We did however spend our last day playing tourist

where we climbed the 426 metres steps to the top.

Bolonia Beach



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