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FIRST SOLO SAIL - Aug 10 2021

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Putting the final work on our boat off for a week due to amazing weather, we set off on our first solo sail 7 hours south back to the beautiful La Rochelle. It was a lively start but as the day went on the seas calmed and the sun came out. Arriving in La Rochelle at high tide it was peak hour in the Harbor Entrance. This is one of the busiest holiday weeks in France so it was a challenge to berth but we're all tucked in here for 2 nights before sailing to neighbouring islands. Port de plaisance des Minimes is the largest marina in France. Very busy and very easy to lose your boat after dinner and a few wines in town.

Video below of us sailing under the Île de Ré bridge. We had 7 metres clearance but was still scarily close from where we were sitting!

Covid wise things are very normal in France, just masks inside. We feel so lucky to be here and everyone at home in lockdown No. 6 are constantly in our thoughts. Stay safe everyone <3


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Aug 23, 2021

Very exciting to see that your journey has begun! Watching with envy from afar. Bon voyage xxx Rosa RMYS


Aug 15, 2021

Ahoy Capt Ian and crew

I am just catching up with all your posts, loving it, keep it flowing. We are just days away from moving house and have just had a pause from packing boxes to read your latest posts. Best regards from Stralya.

Dan from DAC

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