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Cies Islands and Baiona September 12, 2021

We spent a few nights in the Islands of Cies anchored at Illa do Faro. It was a boisterous sail in and a little tricky dropping the sails between a high speed ferry and a local fisherman dropping his nets. Once there it was beautiful. These islands have the reputation of having some of the best beaches in Europe and they didn't disappoint. We hiked to the Faro lighthouse for some magnificent views and met a lovely British family who we had the pleasure of taking their kids kneeboarding behind our dinghy.

Our next stop was the Marina of Baiona. A beautiful city with a castle on the hill as you enter into the harbour. The old town has been converted into a vibrant restaurant district. Here we filled up with water (will install a water maker next season) and had internet service to wish Jeremy a Happy Birthday!

Next stop Portugal...


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