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Mallorca, 17 June, 2022

It was difficult to leave portinatx in Ibiza as It felt like heading home after a relaxing holiday. However we needed to move on to the island of Mallorca and pick up our first guests for the 2022 season. Sue and John will be sailing with us for the next four weeks and we have a lot to see in that short period of time. With only three days to get their sea legs before our overnight crossing to Barcelona we decided to visit the two premier anchorages on Mallorca Island, Port de Soller & Sa Colobra.

Port de Soller is best described as a beach holiday town nestled in a valley that is surrounded by imposing rocky mountains. It has a fabulous vintage tram system that tracks the beach perimeter before making its way up the valley to the inland town of Soller. There is a vintage train connection there that can be taken to the city of Palma, but that would have to wait for a subsequent visit. The view from our anchorage provided many a Wow moment.

Sa Colobra is a tiny anchorage with an equally tiny beach that is wedged between two mountainous rocks. Access to it's 28oC water and jaw dropping views is only made possible to land based visitors by a 100 meter, semi natural tunnel that is carved through the rock. From the water it is simply spectacular. We spent 1 day and 1 night here preparing for a big sail to Barcelona the next day.


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