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Culatra Island, May 16 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

After a few beers with the lads from Sopromar who did a fantastic job looking after NJ over winter, it was sadly time to leave Lagos. We did a small shakedown sail to Portimao where we anchored for the night then early the next morning set off on a 6 hour sail to Culatra Island.

Culatra Island is a sand island just off the coast of Faro, Portugal. The island has a large sandy beach on its oceanside, while on the lagoon side is an anchorage for yachts and boats. You can access the main beach of Praia da Culatra by raised wooden walkways. . On the western tip of the island is the historic lighthouse of Farol Santa Maria.

The fishing village on the island is crowded with holiday makers who make the day trip by ferry from the larger towns across the lagoon. The spectacular beach being a popular destination. We spent 2 nights here visiting the beach and walking around the village stopping at a few of their cafes.

We also caught 2 fish!! Atlantic mackerel, we think :)

Leaving Lagos Marina

Some photos of Culatra

This boat carrying sand was almost sinking from the weight!


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